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Tips for Arranging Furniture in an Open Living Room

When you have an open living room, there is typically more space and flexibility for arranging your furniture. Some people take advantage of the extra space, but others have difficulty figuring out how and where to place things. These tips can help you get started in arranging the open space.

Create Multiple Spaces

When you have an open living room that is a large size, creating multiple spaces is the way to go. It can be difficult to have one large living room, so you might want to have sitting space in one area of the room, then designate another area for another purpose. For example, you can set up the sitting area with sofas and tables near the television or fireplace, with another area for a reading nook that includes a bookshelf, table with lamp, and one or two comfortable chairs. Some other options for the multiple spaces include having a writing or work desk.

Keep Sitting Furniture Away From the Walls

It is also important that you set up the room so it is comfortable and cozy without being too open. If it is a large living room, having couches against the back wall can make the center of the room too large and empty, which makes it hard to get comfortable and have a conversation. Try to keep the sofas and chairs away from the walls, and instead, put sofa tables or other furniture against the walls. This can also help give you a better idea of how to plan and design the space without being limited to what a closed and compact living room would have as far as the layout.

Connect Rooms With Paint Colour

Another thing to consider when you have an open living room is that it often connects with other rooms, such as the kitchen or dining room. In this case, you want to have a way to connect the spaces to where they flow together nicely. If your kitchen is a forest green and your open living room right next to it is a pale blue, the colours might not flow together, making it feel awkward. To have the rooms separate but also seem as if they go together in this part of your home, choose paint colours that are either the same in both rooms or are a little more closely matched. If you want that dark green in the kitchen, consider having the first wall in your living room the same colour, or choose a slightly lighter green, then go with another colour for your accent wall in the living room.

If you'd like to go with more unique decor or a specific style, consider looking into different styles of furniture from local furniture stores, such as teak furniture from The Teak Place.

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