Restore and Repair Your Furniture

5 Benefits of Using Linen Upholstery for Your Custom Sofas and Armchairs

One of the best things about having your own custom furniture created is being able to choose the right fabric for your sofas and armchairs. For example, when you buy mass-market pieces, you'll tend to have trouble finding the design you like made with an upscale upholstery fabric such as linen. It's not used as widely as other fabrics, but it comes with a stunning array of benefits that make it ideal for high-end furniture. Read More 

How to Buy Bedroom Furniture for an Oversized Space

Many homeowners have the challenge of finding the right bedroom furniture for a small and cramped space, whereas some homeowners have overly large bedrooms that make their furniture pieces seem out of proportion, and as if they're "swimming" in the space. Buying larger bedroom furniture pieces isn't always the solution, as these pieces should still be attractive and fit into the room itself. Note what is meant by that and a few tips for making the right decision on bedroom furniture for your oversized space. Read More 

Wardrobe Design Features to Help You Stay Tidy and Organised

A cluttered wardrobe can slow you down in the morning and make it harder to find the outfit you want. There are all kinds of tips online related to organising your closet or wardrobe, and lots of them are useful. However, if you truly want an organised space, you should think about it as you're choosing your wardrobe's design. Whether you are commissioning a custom wardrobe or buying a premade one, here are some features that can set you up for organisation down the road. Read More 

How to Properly Care for Seagrass Patio Furniture

Seagrass patio furniture is a bit like wicker furniture, but it's important to note that the two materials are very different. Seagrass is usually a bit softer than wicker, so it needs different maintenance and care over the years. Seagrass may also wear out a bit differently than wicker, cane, rattan and other similar materials, so note a few tips for how to keep it in good shape over time. Avoid the elements Read More 

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio or Deck Space

The outdoor furniture you choose for your patio or deck space is very important; poor-quality furniture won't last for too many years, and uncomfortable furniture will create a space that you simply don't enjoy. To help you make the best decision when it comes to outdoor furniture for your patio or deck, note a few important details to consider before you even begin shopping. Material Teak and bamboo are very sturdy, and these woods are both very dense; they don't absorb moisture or hold mould and mildew very easily, so they last for years with cracking or chipping. Read More 

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Restore and Repair Your Furniture

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