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How to Buy Bedroom Furniture for an Oversized Space

Many homeowners have the challenge of finding the right bedroom furniture for a small and cramped space, whereas some homeowners have overly large bedrooms that make their furniture pieces seem out of proportion, and as if they're "swimming" in the space. Buying larger bedroom furniture pieces isn't always the solution, as these pieces should still be attractive and fit into the room itself. Note what is meant by that and a few tips for making the right decision on bedroom furniture for your oversized space.

Note the footprint of your bedroom

If you've put large bedroom furniture pieces in your oversized bedroom but they still didn't seem to coordinate with the space, you may need to reconsider the footprint of the bedroom, meaning its layout, and not just its square footage. For example, a bed is usually best put on the wall opposite the door, to make room for foot traffic. If that opposite wall is long and wide, you want a headboard that is also wide, even extending past the width of the bed. If the opposite wall, where you would keep your dresser, is also very long, you want a wide and short dresser, not a tall and narrow one. Choose pieces that are in the same design and proportion as the footprint of the room, and they'll be a better fit.

Filling empty corners

One reason even the most attractive and most proportionate furniture may not seem to fit your space is that the bedroom may have empty corners that make it seem stark and cold. A nice upholstered chair, an oversized floor plant, or a corner bookshelf filled with decorative items can fill in that space and make the room seem finished.

Go up

An oversized room may feel as if it has bare walls, even if you have enough furniture in the space, simply because the walls are so large. To combat this, go up when you decorate those walls. This means to ensure you have artwork, shelves, and other items that fill the upper part of the wall, rather than having everything just at eye level. To do this, put a mirror over the dresser and artwork over the headboard to add height and volume to the furniture pieces. For that dark corner, choose a tall and narrow bookcase rather than one that's short and wide, and be sure you add decorative pieces to the top of the bookcase as well, to draw the eye up and fill those empty spaces.

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