Restore and Repair Your Furniture

Choosing the Right Timber For Your Decking and Outdoor Furniture

Timber is a great choice for an outdoor deck and your coordinating furniture pieces, as it's durable and attractive and works with any style of home decor. You can also more easily paint or recolour timber than you can virtually any other material, including plastic or PVC. While all timber may look alike to you, it's good to note a few important differences, so you're sure to get the right choice for your outdoor space, for both the deck itself and for furniture. Read More 

Reasons to Source Your Timber Dining Table from Reclaimed Wood

Although using reclaimed wood to create new timber products is a practice that has been in existence for almost as long as timber has been used as a supply, it is notable that the popularity of upcycling used wood has started to increase in popularity in recent times. With more people focusing on the impact they are having on the environment and proactively trying to minimise their carbon footprint, reclaimed and recycled wood products have started to experience a rise in demand. Read More 

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Restore and Repair Your Furniture

Hello, my name is Sally and this is my new furniture blog. I plan to use this blog to offer some top tips to people who want to restore or repair their furniture. I am not a professional furniture person. I am completely self-taught. It all started when I used to visit my Auntie Jones. She loved furniture and collected vintage pieces from all around the world. At the weekends she would show me her lastest repair work and sometimes she would even let me help out. I hope you enjoy my blog and find the information contained in it useful.