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Reasons to Source Your Timber Dining Table from Reclaimed Wood

Although using reclaimed wood to create new timber products is a practice that has been in existence for almost as long as timber has been used as a supply, it is notable that the popularity of upcycling used wood has started to increase in popularity in recent times. With more people focusing on the impact they are having on the environment and proactively trying to minimise their carbon footprint, reclaimed and recycled wood products have started to experience a rise in demand. Furthermore, the gravitation toward green building has also seen a majority of new homeowners leaning toward supplies that can support this lifestyle. So if you are looking to furnish your home with a new timber dining table, here are reasons why you should source it from reclaimed wood.

Your dining table will be intrinsically durable

A misassumption made of old timber products is that they will have become brittle and unstable with age. The fact of the matter is that aged timbers are intrinsically more durable than their virgin counterparts are! What you may be unaware of about reclaimed wood is that the wood has had significant time to mature. As a result, it has gone through expansion and contraction over its lifetime, which makes it constitutionally stronger with age. When you invest in reclaimed wood for your timber dining table, you can be assured that your product will not be vulnerable to cracks, warping, splitting and other structural deformities that newly cut lumber would be susceptible to. In addition to this, old timber is typically denser due to the numerous ring growths that it has developed. As a result, it is overall a stronger material to use!

Your dining table will be inherently unique

Homeowners that pay close attention to the aesthetic that they are creating in their house will likely lean toward unique pieces that cannot be easily replicated in other homes. For this reason, a timber dining table made from reclaimed timber will be the perfect addition to your space. Since the lumber used to create this timber product is usually sourced from different applications, it is rare to find two timber dining tables that will be alike. Your dining table could be made from wood that has been reclaimed from a barn, an old cabin, or even a shipyard! Thus, the texture and the grain of the dining table will stand out. Moreover, any notches and exposed knots will also contribute to the character of the timber and give your table its own persona!

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