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5 Benefits of Using Linen Upholstery for Your Custom Sofas and Armchairs

One of the best things about having your own custom furniture created is being able to choose the right fabric for your sofas and armchairs. For example, when you buy mass-market pieces, you'll tend to have trouble finding the design you like made with an upscale upholstery fabric such as linen. It's not used as widely as other fabrics, but it comes with a stunning array of benefits that make it ideal for high-end furniture.

Here are just five such advantages.

1. Extremely Durable

Linen is generally seen as a luxury fabric, which leads many to assume that it's not particularly durable. However, it's actually one of the strongest materials around. Appreciably stronger than cotton, its close fibres are smooth and long, so it doesn't shed or pile like comparable fabrics. In fact, it's so tough that medieval knights would cover their shields with it. If it's tough enough for medieval warfare, it's more than tough enough for your living room.  Expect linen upholstery to last for years without showing any signs of damage.

2. Naturally Luxurious Appearance

The first thing you'll notice about linen is its rich natural appearance, which varies between light beige and grey. But what really makes linen stand out from a cosmetic point of view is its sheen, which comes from the light playing across its fibres. It's a look that combines natural allure with luxury presence.

3. Perfectly Hygienic

Because linen upholstery is made using only natural fibres, it's a great option for people who suffer from allergies. It's actually regarded as one of the cleanest fabrics because its fibres are so dense and don't loosen over time. This means that dust particles aren't able to become embedded beneath the surface.

4. Environmentally-Friendly

Linen as a natural material that is made from flax plants – they're a little like a cross between a lavender plant and a cornflower. Flaw plants require minimal upkeep in terms of pest control, so dangerous chemicals aren't necessary to keep them safe. Better yet, flaw requires little energy to be processed. As such, it's one of the most eco-friendly fabrics around.

5. Reliably Cool

Most parts of Australia, especially as you go further north, enjoy plenty of warm weather. Unfortunately, that can make furniture uncomfortable to sit on. It's an issue you won't face with linen upholstery because it's a fabric able to remain cool even in the heat. That's why linen suits are often recommended for the summer.

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