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Wardrobe Design Features to Help You Stay Tidy and Organised

A cluttered wardrobe can slow you down in the morning and make it harder to find the outfit you want. There are all kinds of tips online related to organising your closet or wardrobe, and lots of them are useful. However, if you truly want an organised space, you should think about it as you're choosing your wardrobe's design.

Whether you are commissioning a custom wardrobe or buying a premade one, here are some features that can set you up for organisation down the road.

1. Lots of Hooks and Subdivisions

To stay organised, you need to start with the right storage solutions. Rather than a wardrobe that just offers basic shelves, drawers or cabinets, look for a wardrobe that has lots of little storage solutions.

For instance, you may want small hooks for belts and necklaces and little drawers for scarves and folded undergarments, but at the same time, you may want large spaces for woolen sweaters or puffy coats.

2. Ample Space

If you're trying to cram lots of stuff into a small space, it's impossible to stay organised and tidy. Be honest about how much stuff you have, and find a wardrobe with plenty of space. Don't buy a wardrobe that's too small with hopes of paring down.

If you can't find a wardrobe that's large enough, consider investing in two free standing wardrobes, and positioning them in opposite parts of your bedroom to create a symmetrical final effect.

3. Pull-Out Shelves

It's hard to reach items that are on the back of shelves, and as you are rifling through stacks of clothing, you may end up messing up piles or making your wardrobe look untidy. To prevent that risk, look for a wardrobe that has pull-out shelves. That allows you to pull the entire contents of the shelf toward you, so that you can look through them easily.

4. Big Doors

Even if you have the best of intentions, it can be hard to keep your wardrobe completely tidy. You may want to look for a wardrobe that has two large doors or even several doors. With doors, you can close them over the shelves, drawers and other compartments in the wardrobe. That makes everything look tidier. There are no drawers gaping open or exposed piles of items on shelves.

To get more ideas on wardrobe designs, contact a shop or website that sells bedroom wardrobes

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