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The pros and cons of wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is made by weaving natural fibres such as rattan to make a sturdy structure. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this style of furniture?

The pros

Firstly, wicker is a very attractive and stylish design for your furniture. It has a classic, natural look that fits in with a variety of design schemes. It also comes in a variety of colours that can blend in with any number of surroundings. These colours are part of the material, so they do not peel off or fade in bright sunlight.

Wicker furniture is also very durable and will tend to last longer than other types, particularly if it is well-maintained. The weaving method produces a very strong surface that holds up well under the weight of people sitting on it or objects being placed upon it.

Finally, it is worth remembering that this kind of furniture is very lightweight and can easily be moved around. This is especially useful if you are using the furniture outdoors (a use to which it is very well-suited), as you will be able to move it inside for out-of-season storage or to protect it from heavy rain or strong winds. With other types of furniture, you may need people to help you move it from room to room.

The cons

On the negative side, it has to be admitted that wicker furniture can be more expensive than other styles. It is often hand-made and simply costs more to produce than other types of furniture. The trade-off for this is that you know you are paying for a high-quality item that has been made to high standards. You may find that the furniture is cheaper in the long run as you are not paying for repairs or replacements.

Another downside is that some people do not find wicker very comfortable to sit on, although this is easily cured by adding cushions or other soft furnishings. There is also the danger that a stray piece of wicker will poke out and be a hazard to anyone sitting upon it. This is not such a problem with a well-made piece, though, and again can be prevented by using cushions.

In conclusion, wicker furniture is a stylish, lightweight and durable design which will be perfectly comfortable if combined with cushions. If you have any questions about wicker furniture, just talk to a furniture supplier in your area.

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